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Kopper Kettle Inn Restaurant


Long ago, the Kopper Kettle Inn Restaurant put Morristown on gourmets' list from coast to coast as a stop on Route 52 where a fine meal may be enjoyed in a delightfully restful setting.


The Kopper Kettle is the place where one can savor Hoosier fried chicken, broiled prime steaks, and delicious seafood, served by lovely girls in peasant costumes.


The original building is no longer recognizable. Ells have been added, porches attached, stairways built, and patios and gardens laid out. There are niches with marble and alabaster statuary, Dresden china, and Chinese chests. The large, quaint house is a veritable art museum - housing fascinating collection of art objects from many parts of the world - all tastefully displayed from beautiful antique furnishings and artifacts. From the shaded walkways, balconies, fountains, and sequestered nooks, the Kopper Kettle Inn has a very distinct charm. Our guest tell us this charm is unmatchable even by the most beautiful restaurants in all of Europe!

We look forward to making your everyday meal or your special moment extraordinary!

135 W Main St, Morristown, IN 46161

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